Synelecs GmbH is an engineering company providing consultancy and delivering solutions for process automation. With more than 12 years of experience we deliver projects around the world with focus on:

    • Increased production, profit and plant performance together with availability and safety.
    • Process automation, functional safety solutions.
    • Effective and professional technical skills.
    • Support through the full life cycle; from the initial assessment, design and engineering, commissioning, operation and modification to decommissioning.


    Our core business is to provide services for process automation together with functional safety solution and services. Our typical involvements include:

    • Customer requirements consultation
    • Innovative design, engineering, installation and commissioning of a process automation or safety control system.
    • Development and documentation according to client's requirements.
    • Functional safety design in compliance with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511.
    • Project management and team leadership.
    • Site and service support
    • Advanced and flexible solutions improving productivity and reducing down time.
    • Application of cyber security requirements. 

    Synelecs GmbH
    Christine-Touaillon-Straße 11/2.05
    1220 Wien, Austria

    Raiffeisenbank Bruck-Carnuntum

    IBAN: AT15 3207 3000 0321 9169